Flylogs offers simple pricing plans

Sign up and start using Flylogs instantly with our 90 day Premium trial.

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Flights
5 Active aircraft
1.00 GB included storage *
500 Newsletter Emails Monthly **
Download Excel backups
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Flights
20 Active aircraft
10.00 GB included storage *
5000 emails monthly **
Bases and multiple locations
Flight Scheduling System
Theory Knowledge System
SMS Safety Management System
Download Excel backups

* 1€/month per extra GB.
** 1€ per extra 1000 emails.

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Flights
Unlimited Active aircraft
50.00 GB included storage *
50000 emails monthly **
Bases and multiple locations
Flight Scheduling System
Theory Knowledge System
SMS Safety Management System
Download Excel backups

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test the Flylogs Premium?

Yes you can here. Every new company account has an automatic 90 day Premium plan trial. During the first 90 days of your account, you can use ALL features. You can create training courses, flight missions, exercises and classes. You will have the rights to schedule flights and access to all flight cancellation statistics. The SMS system will be integrated with your flights too.

What are the active aircraft?

Active aircraft are the aircraft you have active and can be scheduled for flight or can be selected in a flight record. If you have many inactive planes that are not in service any more, those are not active airplanes. Historic data does not run againts your Active Aircraft quota.

Do I need a card to signup?

No, you can sign up free and only provide your billing details when you renew your subscription after the free trial.

Can I share my account?

You can share your account with anyone within your company. In your management area, you can create multiple accounts for other managers, directors or regular employees.

How likely is to overrun quota limits?

In our experience it is higly unlikely. Flylogs plans have been designed to fit most needs accross general aviation industry, and most organizations worldwide fit well within the premium plan limits.

What if I need help?

Flylogs has been designed to fit industry standards and be easy to use. Still, if you need help with the initial setup we are here to help! Please, contact us and we will schedule a video call at the time of your convenience.

Flylogs guarantees the availability of your data performing daily backups.

We store your data in private servers accross the globe. All data is encrypted and not shared with any other vendor.

Dedicated support plans?

Our team is always ready to answer your questions and help you take the best advantage of our software, but if you need it, we also offer a paid support package based on a monthly subscription plan.

Basic support
Response time 24-72 Hours.
Contact method Email or Chat
Chat support Mon-Fri 9am-5pm UTC
Phone support No
Configuration support No
200€/mo *
Response time < 6 Hours.
Contact method Email + Chat + WhatsApp
Chat support Mon-Fri 9am-9pm UTC
Phone support Yes
Configuration support Yes. Up to 4 hours every month.

Configuration support Is a premium service where Flylogs Technicians will reach your staff to understand your needs and help you configure the software for a better and quicker integration.
It also includes support configuring online trainings and live help during course certification processes.

* Billed annually. Minimum 6 months period contract. Prices do not include VAT.