Automatic flight billing and payment automation

Bill flights, manage hour package purchases and receive online payments in your Flylogs account.

Automatic flight billing system preview

We have made billing to pilots easy, automatic and reliable!

Complete billing solution for flight clubs and pilot schools integrated with logbooks, trainings and scheduling.

Flight billing control panel

You can easily see all the information related to your billed flights, including the billed person, flight details, and flight crew.

  • Manual billing can be done quickly and easily with just one click.
  • The billing department can access the financial manager role.
  • All billing options are available on a dedicated billing page in one place.
Manual billing window preview

Manual billing in a single click

Flylogs selects the appropriate rate for your flight based on the aircraft, flight type, and billed crew member. The default costs set in your company billing settings are also automatically added.

You can always make changes to any values and adjust them as needed.

Prepaid hour building packages

Hour building packages allow you to prepay for a certain number of flight hours at a rate that you choose. You can create different packages for different aircraft rates within the same user.

Flylogs will automatically select the appropriate package and bill the flight and any extra expenses. You can also view all the information related to your package, including already billed flights, at any time by clicking on the package.

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