Manage bases or clients efficiently

Separate operations, aircraft and crew based on different locations or client you operate for.

Flylogs base management for multi location aircraft operators

Organize Different Locations or Customers with Bases

If your company operates from multiple locations, Flylogs allows you to organize resources by location and publish announcements and events to the base staff members.


Organize locations and customers.

We have created the easiest way of managing a complex organization with several operational locations.

Create your Base in just 5 minutes. Manage aircraft, pilots, mechanics, events and flight schedules for each base.

You can manage your customers by creating Bases with the name of the customers. That way, you can assign pilots, aircraft and operations and keep everything organized.

Tons of features to modernize your company

Paperwork is essential to keep track of operations, lets just do it more efficiently!

feature1 Flight Data management the easy way!

Get all the important flight time information at one click.
Pilot profile, duty time, licence and documentation expiration dates, flight time sumary and limits automatically displayed and notified via email if needed.

feature2 Improved data analysis, with filters and trend analysis

Aircraft complete flight and maintenance history in a single place, no need to get up from your desk to grab a logbook.
Automatic trends and analytics powered by machine learning.

Success cases

These are some of our customers who have improved their efficiency and data management process thanks to Flylogs.

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