Flylogs for corporate aviation, simple yet powerful.

Flylogs offer for business jet operators includes schedule, fly and maintenance data storage.

Flight scheduling, tracking and logbook storage the easy way

Schedule, track your flights, store flight logbooks and maintain your aircraft with Flylogs

Control your fleet, no matter size or location

Flylogs allows business jet aviation operators to have all fleet information and tracking* in a single place.

Flylogs is the safe data storage for aircraft information, documentation and maintenance record communication tool that will enhance and streamline your operations and communications with both, crew and CAMO staff.

* Tracking depends on Open-sky network ADSB coverage.


Aircraft maintenance tracking

We have designed a very easy to use and intuitive aircraft maintenance tracking tool.
Store all maintenances and future inspections to keep track of remaining aircraft flight time and schedule future visits to your hangar.

Aircraft paperwork, insurance and airworthiness expiration reminders will keep you up to date regarding your whole fleet.


Pilot trainings, schedule and flight management

As important as keeping the aircraft in good shape, is to keep track of trainings and pilot schedules, flight and duty times.

Our online and distance learning platform offers you the option to create online trainings and tests for their crews.

Schedule flights and check crew duty times for those future scheduled rosters. Flylogs also has a tool to check cumulative flight times and duty periods of any of your crew members.


Success cases

These are some of our customers who have improved their efficiency and data management process thanks to Flylogs.

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