Discover Flylogs, the Corporate Flight Logbook

Revolutionizing the way flight schools and small operators manage flight data.

Flight data management the Beautiful way

Flylogs is a modern online flight management software designed to be better than anything else online.

Flight management, pilot rosters, trainings, documents, manuals and safety, all in one, beautiful place.

Flylogs is developed by flight crews for flight crews. Continuous development and daily improvements for the best flight schools and small operators world wide.

flight filters and export to excel option

Well organized and easy to use

  • Filter flights by; Date, aircraft, pilot, pilot group, flight operation type or location.
  • All your flight data, secure and online.
  • Daily Backups of all your flight data.
  • View all your flight records from your cell phone.
  • Export flights to excel in EASA flight log book format.
  • Easy to use flight form data for you and your pilots.
  • Limited flight view for your pilots and students.

Flight Documentation attached to each flight

Upload all flight related documents for each flight. Upload your weight and balance, flight route planning or any other file for the flight and keep everything organized!

Keep flight data safe; company Managers, HT or CFI can only edit or delete flight data.

attach documents to each flight
flight statistics

Beautiful flight statistics

All the flight time statistics you need and some others that will show you more detail about your operation.

Automatic flight time charts for the whole company! Also per pilot, aircraft, base or client.
All flight times automatically calculated instantly and error free!

Company Flight Types

Create the Flight Types you need. Choose pilot functions and set a flight time goal for each type if required.

Unlimited Flight Storage

Store as many flights as you need, there is no limit and your information always will be available at no cost.

Pilot Duty Timer

Set, view and control pilot flight and duty times easily, Flylogs displays to the pilot, the CFI, HT and manager the information and alerts.

Training program support

Associate flights to your company training programs and track course progress. Comment, evaluate and upload files.

Unlimited Aircraft Database

Store all your aircraft and their paperwork. Registration certificate, Insurance, airworthiness, Radio, Weight and balance or Avionics... Flylogs alert you when expiration dates are closing in.

Pilot Flight Time budget

Control expensed and paid flight time easily.
Allow your clients to check expensed flight time in their own private profile page.

Success cases

These are some of our customers who have improved their efficiency and data management process thanks to Flylogs.

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Fast and efficient flight form

Adding flights into your Flylogs account only takes a couple of minutes and can be done by your pilots from any PC, mac, tablet or smart phone.

All important flight data is saved and instantly available for company administrators.

Total flight times are automatically calculated and added to pilot and aircraft logbooks. View all flights by location or client.


Flight time filters and Excel Spreadsheed download

Analyze operations as they happen. Complete 360 operation health and safety review.
Flight time visualization per month, flight operation type, aircraft or pilot.

Flylogs keeps you informed with live information, easy to filter and understand.


Know who changed what and when

Keep track of changes the same way you do with paper.
Flylogs records all changes to flight records. Any changes are logged on a special log with the timestamp, ip address, and user id.

Hobbs and Tach time support

Flylogs also supports tach time if you work with this equipment
Enable Hobbs timer option in your company settings, and timer inputs will be required on the flight add form. The tach time will be automatically calculated.

Start using Flylogs now and take your company to a whole new level.

Flight time budget controller

If you need to track paid flight time, Flylogs is your tool.

  • Paid flight time tracker
  • Account refill automatic email notice
  • Credit expending reports
  • Automatic warning when credit is low

Easy to activate and use

Activate the system and choose witch of your pilots should be made available to.

Go to the pilot profile page and add a credit in flight hours. With every flight, the expensed flight time will be removed and displayed with a link to the flight details page.

When the credit is reaching 0, a warning will be displayed in the pilot page and an email will be delivered to the pilot.